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     The Survivor Series  - Her Own Hero and Her Beauty Burns 

Her Own Hero

Sam Tilson is a struggling showgirl who’s always relied on her womanly charm and sex appeal to survive. Swept off her feet by a Spanish stud, she thinks she’s finally met the man who will save her. It's not until she's under gunfire and running from the law that she realizes, only she can save herself.

"Samantha hoped her wealthy Spanish lover would see that she was more than 'another ashy, trashy Vegas showgirl.' The heroine of Jenn Sadai's first fictional novel, Her Own Hero, is swept into a world of danger and murder as she uses her Vegas street smarts and inner strength to save her life. Ultimately, Samantha realizes that putting her faith in herself, and accepting the kindness of strangers, is the best way to face her demons and regain her life. You'll be captivated by Sam's journey and the triumph of the female spirit." 

Her Beauty Burns       

Katelyn had fierce confidence and high standard at a young age. She relished rejecting admirers until the tables turned. While reinventing herself in University, she's swept up in a scorching romance that consumes her. He warms his way into her heart before slowly picking it apart. Once her confidence goes up in flames, he has the power to set her whole world on fire. Will Katelyn survive her beauty burning? 

"Her Beauty Burns by Author Jenn Sadai is the second installment of her “Survivor” book series, an almost memoir-styled cautionary tale about relationships, self esteem, and domestic violence.  It’s a women’s fiction novel about a woman named Katelyn who struggles with self-confidence and identity issues, who finds herself falling into a toxic relationship that she later struggles to break free from. In the end, she finds her confidence, wearing the physical scars from her past relationship like a badge of bravery and honor, as proof of her resilience. Her Beauty Burns is inspiring, at times gut-wrenching, and even suspenseful. A true page-turner. My favorite yet from Author Jenn Sadai."

"Her Beauty Burns is an emotional and dramatic narrative of a young, vulnerable woman who is attracted to the wrong man. Her lack of relationship experience invites manipulation, abuse and eventually violence. Author Jenn Sadai describes, through her main character, how easy it is to forget about trusting our instincts. The powerful ending proves that no matter how traumatic the circumstance, deep within, we can all find strength and courage. "

Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman                                                                                Order today!             

  Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman follows the author on her journey from a drug-addicted thief who felt trapped in an abusive relationship to a confident and capable marathon-runner. It is filled with intense drama, troubled romance, and all sorts of dirty little secrets.

It's filled with intense drama, troubled romance and all of my dirty little secrets.

I've been writing this story in my head for the last ten years. I've replayed different details of the first twenty-four years of my life over and over again in search of greater meaning. Everything I endured built the woman I am now, so I have no shame or regret for past errors in judgment. This book captures the good and bad of that journey in the hope of inspiring other woman to find strength in adversity.

The reason I refer to my story as "Extraordinary, Ordinary" is because although my tale of survival may have been extraordinary, but being trapped in an abusive relationship is far too ordinary. Statistics say that 1 in 4 women have been in an abusive relationship. Women today have more power and rights than ever before, yet domestic abuse is still common behind closed doors. Too many suffer in silence. That's why I broke mine.


Dirty Secrets of the World's Worst Employee 

Every company has dirty secrets. Businesses are run by people and people are not  perfect. Over the course of my crooked career, I've witnessed corporate corruption, inter-office affairs, sexual harassment, theft, bullying, and manipulation, and that's just in a small city in Canada. Imagine how many unethical decisions and scandalous secrets are hiding in the office buildings where you live.

 "Dirty Secrets of the World's Worst Employee is the story of the author's journey back to herself. Jenn Sadai tells us that she already knew she wanted to be a writer when she was a young girl but, as so often happens, distractions and self-doubt kept her from that goal for many years. Throughout her winding (and entertaining) career path she learned valuable lessons, met some unbelievable people, rediscovered her passion for writing and most importantly, her confidence. In the end, she turned those experiences into the inspiration for this very book, which is at once humble, grateful, funny and clever. It is for anyone who has felt like they were alone and unsupported in the world and a beautiful reminder that things can and do get so much better."

"Dirty Secrets is a unique look into the author's professional life. While there are many hilarious events that take place, this book touches on a very real subject; workplace bullying and harassment. I LOVE the books coming from this author. She is very real with her stories and they make you feel like it's okay not to be perfect. A must read!!!"

 Cottage Cheese Thighs

 I know what it feels like to hate your body. I’ve cried over my reflection too many times to count. I’m tired of watching my self-esteem sink whenever the number on the scale starts to rise. I’ve spent the majority of my life battling my weight and it’s time for me to win this war!

Self-love = Success

 Developing a body that didn’t make me cry was the intention behind writing this story, although it blossomed into something greater than I ever imagined. Instead  of  figuring out how to create and maintain a body that resembles the flawless images I so desperately wanted to imitate, I taught myself how to love my existing  body, flaws  and all.

 This story dissects society’s views on what constitutes a beautiful body, as well as the pressures women face to look and behave a certain way. Too much emphasis is placed on our appearance rather than our attitude, abilities and accomplishments. Investigating my insecurities gave me a chance to separate my self-esteem from the   scale and realize my true value in this world. I’ve never felt more confident and capable. I pray it does the same for you.

No Kids Required

No Kids Required is the story of 20 women who are choosing to be childfree. It showcases the blessings and burdens that come with their decision, how they fill their free time, and the countless reasons why these women decided that kids are not required. It’s an honest and insightful story about respecting one another’s choices and living life on your terms. 

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"The stories within this book are simply inspiring and touching to anyone who reads this book. Even if you are a parent or someone who is undecided, this book opened my eyes and really was a breath of fresh air to read new and raw perspectives from so many different woman. I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone who loves a true journey, passionate perspectives and a glorious ending. 5/5 stars for this beauty!

"Author Jenn Sadai states early on she feels she's 'writing on eggshells,' trying to walk the fine line between expressing the value of motherhood and the validity of choosing a childfree lifestyle. Jenn touches on a number of sensitive topics with grace and passion, giving voice to not only her own thoughts, but those of 20 diverse women with unique perspectives on what choosing to be child-free means for them. She eloquently expresses her view while being mindful of a woman's right to choose, no matter what that choice might be. I found No Kids Required to be both refreshing and nuanced."

Jenn Sadai has combined her love of writing with her passion for empowering women into two inspiring series. The Self-esteem Series is comprised of four non-fiction stories that tackle various issues that impact women’s self-esteem. Her first book, Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman delves into the dark consequences of domestic violence, drug use, and depression.

Dirty Secrets of the World’s Worst Employee addresses bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace. Cottage Cheese Thighs combats every woman’s battle with the scale. No Kids Required is the true stories of 20 trailblazing women who’ve chosen not to have children. 

Her Own Hero was her first book in the fictional Survivor Series and it’s an action-packed suspense that proves women have the power to save themselves. Her Beauty Burns is Katelyn from Her Own Hero’s back story. There are six more strong characters from Her Own Hero that will get to share their own story in future Survivor Series stories.

Jenn Sadai is a proud Canadian, born in Windsor, Ontario, where she resides with her heroic husband and two lovable labs. Jenn can always be reached through the various social media links on her website or at


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